Emily Strowitzki

The order of trees

Trees are organisms, that we deal with everyday. We actually see them so often, that we don’t really recognize the very special way in which they are build. We often overlook the ramifications of trees, since they don’t grow orderly. In this short project I want to show the aesthetic of trees and their very own and unique order by creating a mobile, that shows every aspect of trees from trunk to branch to leave in their proper growing order.

First idea: The very first idea was to show the natural repetition found in trees. Big branches grow into smaller branches and so on.

Materials: My materials consist of all types of branch sizes. Their leaves will be added later on.

The different branches were knotted together to create a classic mobile

With the help of books, I prepared the leaves for the mobile, pressed them and added them to the final work.

Trees are so familiar to us, that we easily forget about their complexity and beauty. I want to create awareness to this natural complexity by simply showing the growth of a tree step by step. Since trees don’t, like I said before, grow orderly, we do not always see the state and size of each branch and are not aware, that they grow in layers from big to small. You will rarely find a leave in a trunk, but you will find many on the small twigs.

P.S. Better pictures of the final mobile will follow asap.

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