Manuel Erhard

Rusting Clock

Corrosion is a part of our daily life, it surrounds us all the time, everywhere, because there’s still no absolute prevention against it. Yet nobody really knows how long it takes ordinary metal to oxidize.

The Rusting Clock visualizes and lets you experience the process of steel reacting with water & oxygen over the course of time. This experiment consists of three steel plates placed under infusion sets slowly dripping with water in different frequencies. With time we can examine the factors for the development of rust and witness this fascinating natural phenomenon.

I’ll keep you updated!


  1. The first idea sounds greate maybe there is some kind of scale on top of the plate that gives you a bit of an relation to the past by time .

    1. May check with Chris if there are other liquid which speeds up the processes of rusting a bit to get faster results.

  2. I like the first idea the most. The third would be also nice to see how it turns out, especially with letting it guttering into water.

  3. Somehow the first idea resonates with me as well. Maybe that is because I find the results hard to predict. But then again… I THINK I have an idea of how ice and wax would behave but maybe your experiment would prove me wrong. The illustrations are great, maybe you want to write a bit more to make your ideas clearer.

  4. I like the first idea the most. Maybe you can prepare e.g. 5 rusting stations where the water drops in each case in different intervals? The comparison might be interesting.

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