Tobi Trübenbacher


In AESTETIC MAGNETIC picked out iron as an interesting natural material, being mined and processed by humans since ancient times. Especially one characteristic of this material awakes my particular fascination, which is the magnetism. In spite of being invisible and not easily understandable, this force is always active in the material.

Thus I asked myself how can I clarify and illustrate this special property of iron, by just letting the material speak for itself, without any explanations of additional graphics or texts? How can I arouse fascination for this stunning physical phenomenon by demonstrating it in a three-dimensional way?

My idea was to mix up iron-powder or iron-filings with transparent polyester resin and to mould this slowly solidifying mixture into three-dimensional sculptures by using nothing but strong industrial magnets. I was curious to find out what forms and textures are possible, by shaping iron in this way.


This project was an experiment and I startet without knowing what the result will look like. However, unexpected stunning, beautiful shapes and textures came out from this manufacturing process.

On the one hand, the formations visualize magnetic forces and in which directions they work. On the other hand, they are also just beautiful to look at and have a quite valuable appearance, that calls up certain associations of experimental forms of jewelry design.

Here are some of my results:


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