Yasin Ittlinger

reconstruction of a point of view

Once I found stones with paint on it at railways. I was so fascinated, that I took them home and wondered, in what kind of constellation they may lay on the ground, when the paint get on those stones. Maybe you can imagine, when you look at the different areas covered with or without paint. So I decided to reconstruct this situation. Like a puzzle.


I thought, it would  be much easier to understand, if I mark the stones not from one but from three point of views. Each with a different color and a different type of painting. So later there would be more references to reconstruct the primary position of the stones. Than I would separate them and give them a random new order. After that, probably there will be an adverse form on the ground, wich also can give conclusions about the process.


So now with these two results I want to show and also understand by myself, how difficult it is to  comprehend the way from situation A to station B. It is nearly impossible to reconstruct it exactly like it was before.

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