1. Knowing

Strangers at home

We know the nearest bus stop or train station to our home. We know the supermarkets and when they are open. We know at least 10 public figures of our region. But can we name 10 common birds in our region and describe them and what they sound like? Do we know the sorts of trees in our nearest park? Can we tell what plants in our forest nearby are edible? Which way is north?

Or is that kind of knowledge useless?

After all, we can’t know everything, so why should we care about the names of birds? And we buy our food from supermarkets so why should we bother about edible weeds?

You can only love what you know

One of the first things you do when you meet a new person is to ask their name. In order to establish a social connection you might go even further and learn more about that person.

Similarly, the first step in establishing a relation to your natural environment and its creatures is to learn about their existence.

Only then can we start to care.

The value of being where you are

Our daily occupation with “things that are not really there” on various media stipulate a design exploration of what it means to be present in an actual location and the actual biological situation.

A visual introduction

In our first inspirational exercise we explore visual strategies to learn about the natural context in which we are situated:

What do you find extraordinary in your ordinary natural environment? How would you show that to others?

Format: Illustration / Infographic

Design Objectives

This short projects touches a lot of contemporary design talking points, such as:

  • Identity: How do you visually depict the character of a particular location?
  • Instructive Design: How do you convey complex information in a way that is both, informative and emotionally engaging?
  • Real vs. virtual: How do you show the difference between a unique real situation as opposed to our media world of endless virtual opportunities?
  • Explaining vs. wondering: Do you want to explain or show the inexplicable?