Fabian Essigkrug


some green out of city courtyard

Looking out of the window of my flat, the first thing I see is a diversity of the colour grey. The big buildings around and the street dominate my view.

But if I look around a little bit longer I can regognize different plants with their glowing and shimmering facettes of green.

So I asked myself how to categorize a few of these different colours. I collected some leaves and thought about how to extract their colours. After a few failed attempts, like mixing the leaves with alcohol, I started cooking them in water. The results turned out to be quiet different. To my surprise I extracted colours like orange, brown, yellow and green. It was fascinating to see that my courtyard contains so many natural colours one can discover.


the way i did it 

I cooked different leaves following the same procedure of using 5g of leaves, 200ml of water and a cooking time of 20 minutes. As a result I got different colours out of my courtyard. I´ve filled all the result´s into test tubes. Now it´s easy to compare the result with other plant´s or even of other courtyards and gardens.


first test tubes….


the map


  1. So the first part is done: You found an interesting aspect of your natural environment. Now what is your exact design task? Is it about structuring and categorising the colours found in your courtyard according to variations of the extraction procedure? If so, how could you best show the relations between various changes such as cooking time or amount of water to the resulting colours?

    1. Thank you for your comment! I´m working on a kind of color map including the colors i extracted and the location of the plants. That will give me the opportunity to summarize
      a color mood of special places. The test tubes with the different colors should be an abstract color selection of my courtyard. Results coming soon.

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