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Bird nest building instructions

Some people need to be at the center of pulsating large cities. Living there seeing only cars and houses the whole day can be depressing. Although more and more people want to live in urban centres there is simultaneously a trend “back to nature”. I believe we can do more than that. Not only spending time outside but also observing und trying to understand nature, it’s processes and its inhabitants.

For the first assignment I observed birds and their behaviour during this spring. Although a little early in the year, I managed to find some black birds which are starting to gather their nest materials. By sketching different bird nests, I tried to understand their building processes and structures. Taking this a little further I also gathered nest material to build my own little bird nest. This was really difficult. I thought it would give me an advantage having hands with opposable thumbs. But this was false. It took years for Evolution to give Birds the perfect tools for building. In comparison to beak and claws of a bird, my hands where rather clumsy while building the nest. But it gave me a bigger understanding about how hard working these little creatures are. Reviewing my personal experience I created a step by step manual. These building instructions will serve as a base for a great day exploring nature.

feel free to use these instructions to build your own nest and show me your results! have fun!

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