Manuel Erhard

weekly weather diary cards

This idea origins from my grandpa, who was able to roughly forecast the weather by observing his sourroundings. Nowadays it’s easy to look on your smartphone and receive the same information, but let’s be our own meteorologist for a change.

The Weekly Weather Diary Cards let you document the weather data (rainfall & temperature) in comparison to your personal data (mood & sleep quality). The small cards force you to rethink & boil down what you perceive in order to get informative results.

They help you to reconnect to nature and its procedures, learn something about yourself and sharpen your perception in general.




cards with keyring

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  1. Excellent! I love how clearly you described the design idea behind this project – the relation between subjective and measurable data – and how you came up with an ergonomic solution. I am looking forward to your first cards!

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