Maria Elsinger

First Ideas

1.Spring time


How can I show how amazing the small things in nature can be?

Concept: Some buds found in the garden will be illustrated and combined to new designs.




2. Bud Map


What if I recognized the plants in my garden only by seeing their buds?

Concept: Creating a map to recognize the buds and their plants in the garden.



3. Birds movement


Why is the bird jumping like that?

Concept: Following and visualizing the movements of the birds to find out why they do what they do.



Final concept

What if I knew all the plants only by seeing their buds?

When I walk through my garden in spring time I feel great. As if the nature gives me some energy I can charge my body and mind with. The more time I spend in the garden, the more I perceive the small beautiful things nature wants to show me.

One little thing that shows me that spring arrived are the little buds which slowly find their way to the fresh air. I started to watch them carefully and was amazed by their strong appearance though they seem to be so small and fragile.



But while watching them and bringing them on paper I could only call them : “Bud 1”, “Bud 2”, “Bud I found after I stepped on it” etc. . I had no idea what the plants name actually is. And thats sad. So I asked myself….what If I knew and what if I could show others too???

The solution for me seemed to be a map. A map where the buds are located on and which teaches you their name and their appearance.


Sketch :


Possibility to visualize the buds




Though now I know where the buds are and how they are called, the plant itself looses their power I was fascinated of by showing them in small pictures.

So what I finally do what I wanted from the beginning. I illustrate the bud.  While drawing I more and more see a little personality inside this little plant. Does it not look like a crown?


What If my garden is not just a garden but from the buds point of view a kingdom? …. Why not!

Slowly I began to see a personality in each of the little buds I saw and tried to give them a name:







@Ralph: Here are the bunnies:



  1. I love both ideas! The bud map has already evolved a little so let me focus on that one: You wrote that you want to map the buds to “create different designs”. What does that mean exactly? What is a “design” here? Are we talking about decorative patterns? And if so, why do we need to map the buds in space (and possibly time) to do so?

    The purpose or key objective is decisive when it comes to pushing this map further. So far I see many directions this project could take one (developing formal patterns, showing the relationships between various plants in space and time, depicting the moments in which floral shapes become distinctive for us, etc.).

    I would also advise to use “real” text here and not embedding information in pixel images. Handwritten text might look charming there but is harder to read and edit.

    Also I spotted a “rabbit cage” here. It might be besides the point of this project but I wouldn’t mind a bunny picture here.

  2. I like how you describe your fascination with the buds! Of course this now bears the question whether this fascination can be expressed by “simply” labeling the buds with a name. I wonder what other types of “classification” you might find.

  3. Thank you for your comments Ralph!
    I like the way you think about classifying the buds in personal ways and not according to what science taught us already.
    I will try to concentrate a bit more on what I actually observe, not others.

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