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pH values

Being curious about the local forests’ pH values and the change within a small perimeter, I spent a day in a woods looking for an interesting spot to examine.

A value under seven indicates acid and a pH value above 7 indicates alkaline substances. The average ground in Germany is rather acidic but a big number of factors can influence the value. That’s why I picked a surrounding which’s pH value should be higher than usual, in order to get bigger differences between different samples. The river Isar carries a lot of chalc and the neighbouring woods therefore show a pH value above the average.

After a nice walk and a fun search for an interesting spot, I decided for this one:

Not convinced by my choice? Well check this out:

Overall a really intersting area to examin. I started setting up a grid system of 7 x 4m to be able to measure in consistant distances.

Although it’s hard to get exact results with my cheap pH sacle, it’s possible to read off tendencies.

After measuring within each square, I was able to transmit the values in a graphic.

Soooo… what does it tell us?

The following conclusions are all rather speculative, but these might be insights from the graphic:

  • the dead tree’s sorrounding is rather alcaline, so dead wood might higher the pH value
  • the broadleaf tree’s surrounding is also rather alcaline so either this tree lifts the pH value or it prefers higher pH value
  • there’s no bigger plants or trees on the acidic part in the middle, so a conlusion might be, that the indigenous bigger species in this forest prefer rather alcaline areas to grow
  • the pH value isn’t all that important¬† for plants and trees and the results from those small experiment are purely coincidental


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  1. What is so great about your project here is how you lead us through your process. You are using the story of your project in a way that helps us understand your motivation and thinking. Well done!

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