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There are situations we’re always tying to avoid, but often it’s not in our control: Waiting at the bus station, the doctor’s office or your friends are late for the meet up, just to name a few examples. Although it seems like we found the perfect solution to bypass these unbearable slowed down minutes…

…is that really the way to go?


Current developments in our society:

  • We lost the ability to get bored due to indefinite source of entertainment & distractions
  • We are too busy to get bored
  • We are afraid of boredom more than ever
  • It can be very energy consuming for our brain to be bored


  • short attention spans
  • constant stress & burnout
  • no self-reflection
  • less perception of our surroundings
  • impatience

Why it’s good to be bored from time to time:

  • source of creativity & motivation
  • good for your mental health
  • stress releave
  • be alone with you & your thoughts
  • a way of daydreaming & mind wandering

Remark: There are various types of boredom with different characteristics. In this case I’m referring to boredom as a way to reflect, relax & mind wander. The dose of boredom however  is also important


Explore Boredom

-elaborated text coming soon-




  1. Your topic is still a bit broad and over-simplified. People keep saying we should spend less time staring at screens (just like they did with television and books). Let’s find a more specific approach. What issue do you want to address? And do you want to design a solution? Or generate “awareness”. If so, then to what end?

  2. Still, I would encourage you to dig a little deeper. Why are people afraid of being “bored”? Or let’s start with yourself. When and why are you bored? What makes you look at a screen? Is it really a bad thing?

  3. That’s an interesting topic. I really like the two “mood” images. I look forward to see how you will create these effects.

  4. Now the interesting question about the booth is what it will look like. If you keep the design close to a conventional photo booth then people will associate all sorts of things like being watched, having to sit still, etc. Which of those connotations do you want to maintain, which do you not?

    1. You’re right! The Photobooth was just my initial thought, because one idea was to maybe put it in a public place, but now I think I just want to use it for the exhibition as kind of a starting shot for being aware of boredom and its benefits.
      I want to keep the booth as simple as possible, to lower the visual stimulation. Maybe it can be completely closed and the user has access to Ohropax to ignore surrounding sounds.
      I also want to focus on the card (or cards in the form of a booklet) that they receive afterwards. So the user can use them in the next situation, knowingly experience it and learn to enjoy boredom.

    2. additon: You’re right with the connotation. I really want to avoid that people think of a photobooth or (worse) a toilet or anything else when the see the booth!

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