Philip Junk

I’m still not sure which idea to use as my main project, so I started looking into both concepts.

Idea 1: Seeing human-made structures as something natural

In many cases, we regard ourselves and the product of our actions as something detached from nature. But what is actually natural? Is a brick made of stone something natural? Is plastic something natural – or a wind turbine?

Using the aesthetic and language of a documentation about “nature”, I want to examine this topic in a way that makes the viewer smile and wonder.



Idea 2: Everyday objects made out of mycelium

I want to craft everyday objects out of mycelium from oyster mushrooms. It’s a fascinating material to work with due to a number of factors.

It can grow around complex structures

 mushromms grow rapidlymycelium spreads in fascinating ways

funghi can break down complex structures

it’s able to grow in a huge variety of structures

Problem is: There’s already a big variety of objects made from mycelium. But there’s one thing they lack, it’s an aesthetic that matches the material and isn’t just an imitation of an already existing object. Why should a pot made from mycelium look like a pot made from clay?

That’s why I want to find a new appearane for objects made from mycelium.

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