Regina Schröter

Exploring time in natural processes


In my semster project i want to explore different natural cycles that we perceive as humans more or less conscious from day to day.


Time has always been the biggest mystery and misery for us human beings. As far as we know, we are the only species that is aware of its own unpreventable limited time on earth. Because if this shocking fact, humankind started to mesure and structure time from early days on. And even though we are able to mesure it today with the precision of an atom, we have not reached control over it (yet). Some might even argue that time itself is solely an illusion.

The universe, the nature surrounding us on earth and our own body is influenced by different cycles and processes that constantly change and repeat. Exploring a spectrum of these cycles should enable us to get a better personal relation to our own time and an understanding of how inevitably involved we are as humans in nature.


The problem with time is that though we can observe and mesure, we can not really grasp it. I want to explore natural time and processes by making modells and sculptures of different cycles that shape our daily life.

Building biological clocks

  1. How old is my Pilea peperomioides?
    My one and only house plant is my “pancake plant”, it seems pretty satisfied with its enviroment and keeps growing happily. I recognised that each leave goes through different stages in growing, once it reached the last one it stays as it is and doesnt change anymore. As plants grow very slowly, i never know for sure how old the leaves are and how much times it takes for them to reach their full state.

There are 5 stages that i chose to seperate my time mesuring system into: 1st rolled up, 2nd open but still unfolding, 3rd almost open with an edge still bent, 4th rolling to the opposite site (not sure why it does that!) 5th fully flat and no bent edges.

I still need to track how long the individual stages last, this plant takes some time to grow…

This is a comparable device that can estimate an approximate age of each leave, until it is full-grown.

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