Yasin Ittlinger

“Der Flaneur”

On the one hand side there is the fastest and the most efficiente way to get from A to B in a city. On the other side there are also are a lot of other different options around the area. If you start strolling you veer off the straight way of movement.  So you can discover unknown places and get a better overview of the coherences between the streets.

How does strolling work?

There are a lot of different factors which may lead your way through the city. You perceive your options and than you decide in wich direction your next steps will go. So I want to show those options and decisions instead of  describing a certain way.

I will try to illustrate this complex process by animating a short sequence. In this sequence a little man find his way through a fictive city influenced by all those factors. It can also be seen as a metaphor for your way of life.

The questions I propose:

Why do you always take the fastest way? Is it really the better way?

Is it important to find out other non-descript ways by yourself?

Do you need a direction or an idea of a destination in order not to get lost?

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  1. Please to try to write the text as a description of a design project. What is the question you are trying to address and why? What medium do you use and why? THEN show sketches and how you are planning to go about.

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