Project Ideas

Soil Science
Different soil tests (e.g. Red Cabbage pH test, percolation test)

Urban Wildlife
Insect hotels, bird houses or other animal accommodations

Street Signs as Bean Poles
A nice little bed-type for growing beans or other climbers on street signs

Grow a lot of beans on the fence of our garden

Urban Compost
Indoor and quick methods of making high quality soil from dirt

Make a Video
Explanation, How-To or documentation for a related topic / project

Germination, Growing, Building. Let’s turn the clock

Guerilla Vegetable Planting
Solutions for the landless


Articles and Media that could use your input:

  • Video: Pikieren (pricking out)
  • Video: Feuchtigkeitsprobe (soil moisture test)
  • Grafik (Saattiefe)
  • Articles about harvesting: Storing and conserving //Ernten (Einlagern und Konservieren)
  • Articles about seeds and seed propagation (Saatgut und Vermehrung)

Photos we could use

  • How to build a raised bed
  • Different ways to fertilize
  • For watering articles (WasserflaschenbewÀsserung, TontopfbewÀsserung, Saugmethode)
  • Seeding compost (Aussaaterde)
  • Planing (Beetplanung)
  • Germination Test (Keimprobe und -tricks)
  • Tomato seedling
  • Graphics
  • Planning for intercropping (Mischkulturplanung)
  • Planning for crop rotation (Fruchtfolgeplanung, Fruchtwechsel)