Pauline Alt

Mixing loam
A touchable loam recipe

My aim was to achieve the perfect mixture of loam, only by testing different compositions with the components sand, silt, clay and water.
I wanted to create a loam recipe that you can feel.
Because you can’t become a professional pizza dough baker when you only know the ingredients and its quantities. You need to try it a couple of times to know the perfect consistence, how much oil you need to add etc.
It is an experience people have made but can’t express because they can not transfer it into words how the perfect dough feels like.

My loam recipe should give the possibility to overcome this difficulty, because you can read, try and feel it.

Here are some facts about loam, to know what I am talking about.
Loam is soil which is composed of sand, silt and clay.
Its composition is about 40–40–20% concentration of sand-silt-clay. The proportions can vary and result in different loam soil types, such as silty loam, clay loam, sandy loam etc.

Know-how: The process

Heres an insight what I did during the last days.
I made different loam mixtures and kept them in plastic bags.
Now I want to combine them with my recipe, but there is a challenge which I haven’t solved yet.

If the loam should be malleable it contains water. If I put the loam into plastic bags, it is hard to feel the amount of water etc. – but without the plastic bags the water evaporates. The difficulty now is to enable people feel and experience malleable loam, without loosing its humidity.

Im open for ideas to solve this problem. 🙂



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