Tobi Trübenbacher

Iron is an interesting natural material, being mined and processed by humans since ancient times. Especially one characteristic of this material awakes my particular fascination: the magnetism. In spite of being invisible and not easily understandable, this force is always active in the material.

Thus I asked myself how can I clarify and illustrate this special property of iron, by just letting the material speak for itself, without any explanations of additional graphics or texts? How can I arouse fascination for this stunning physical phenomenon by demonstrating it in a three-dimensional way?

My idea is to mix up iron-powder or iron-filings with transparent resin and to mould this slowly solidifying mixture into three-dimensional sculptures by using nothing but strong industrial magnets. I am curious to find out what forms and textures are possible, by shaping iron in this manufacturing process.

This project is an experiment and I don’t know what the result will look like. In fact, I don’t even know if it works in the way I imagine it now. But design is always an experiment, a process. However, I want to make this experiment and transform iron into little sculptures that visualize the magnetic forces and in which directions they work.


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