Field Trip


We spent a couple of days in a cabin by the sea, took long walks in the forest, and roasted bread over the campfire. After three days in the countryside we headed off to Copenhagen to visit our friends at SPACE10.

SPACE10 – Copenhagen

SPACE10 in Copenhagen is an experimental design lab for creatives who are curious about possible futures. They facilitate projects about circular societies, co-existence, and digital empowerment. We spent two days with them, discussing design and building our dream natural home in a rapid prototyping workshop.

We wanted to understand “home” as broader concept than just a building. You can feel at home in your favourite restaurant, with certain people or simply feeling connected. Every student was invited to pick an aspect of being “home” that is of personal importance for them and translate it into a physical model. They came up with a series of paper sculptures which were sculptural illustrations of those ideas.