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weekly weather diary cards


Back in the day my grandfather would always be able to forecast the weather roughly by just looking into the sky, analyzing how the clouds formed, how close or far away the mountains in the distance appeared, how animals behaved etc.

But what about today‘s generation? Hardly anyone can still predict the weather without looking at their smartphones.

What can we learn from documenting and exploring the weather on our own without any background in meteorology?



The goal of this documentation is NOT to display scientificially precise measurements in a classic meteorology way, but to compare a rough playback of the weather data (rainfall & temperature) with subjective data like it would appear in a diary (mood & sleep).

By dealing with this data it is anticipated to slowly discover patterns and processes of our nature & weather and how it impacts our daily life. It should also be a good way to sharpen the senses and learn something about yourself.

-why cards?-

To keep things short & simple this data won‘t be documented as a typical diary would be in the form of a book, but rather in small little cards. It speeds things up and forces you to boil down the information and think twice about what you experienced.

The cards are hold together with a keyring that has two colored pens (red & blue) attached to it.


-the cards-



-cards with keyring-

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  1. Excellent! I love how clearly you described the design idea behind this project – the relation between subjective and measurable data – and how you came up with an ergonomic solution. I am looking forward to your first cards!

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