Urban Gardening

This class was taught by Botho Willer. Among many talents and interests, Botho has a design background and a passion for everything that makes our world a better place. He also committed to Serlo, an open learning platform.

What does gardening have to do with Design?

It is a great place to learn.
Biological systems are infinitely complex. When we physically interact with plants, insects, and microorganisms we develop a tacit understanding of the processes and the timing of this complex biological orchestra. Shaping systems is at the core of what designers do.

It is a perfect social environment.
A garden is a place to retreat, relax, and marvel at the little and not-so-little wonders of nature. Such an inspiring context sparks precious conversations about nature, ecology, and how we want to design our lives.

The Craft of Gardening

This is where we started.
We discussed various plant bed designs.
Then we started building…
… and planting.
Proper watering was crucial for our garden during this hot summer.
That’s us.

Beyond the Garden

In a basic introduction we quickly covered the history of urban gardening and the impact it can have on our wellbeing as well as to our ecological and social co-existence. As innocent as it may seem at first sight, growing plants in a city can initiate a discourse about the use of public space. We discussed guerilla gardening and the political aspects of growing plants. Since we believe in the sharing of knowledge we also took some time to talk about creative common licences and ways to connect our expertise with others. Finally, the concept of permaculture was a major inspiration.