by Julien Hoffmann

Can technology make us smarter?

We use technology to make complex problems accessible. It can empower us by making complexity manageable. Even without deep knowledge of a certain issue we are able to handle it and make rational decisions.

AIRdvisor is a digital platform that helps one find the right plants for a certain room. The plants improve the air quality by filtering out toxins. This will make us healthier and has a positive impact on our personal well-being.

Everyday objects like ink, plastics or synthetic fibres pollute our indoor air by emitting toxins like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and xylene. These toxins are associated with major health problems like headaches, skin irritation or even cancer. NASA found out in 1989 that some common houseplants are suited to filter these toxins naturally.

AIRdvisor helps you find the right plants for your needs easily. By selecting your room conditions (brightness, temperature and objects found in the room) and your watering preferences, AIRdvisor will suggest an ideal selection of plants for you.